Post number 1 million on the Forum!

Dear all,

I remember making the first post on the forum in 2004. I was the only member and posted it to myself…

We are now (in late December of 2022) closing in on 1.000.000 posts. Wow! (As I write this we are at 999,478). Amazing!

Thank you all for making this a good place to be so many years later.

I want to celebrate this, by giving away a guidebook to the pilgrim that makes the post number 1 million on the forum. I hope I can figure out who it is since there is not really a link between who posts and what number we are at. I think we just need to keep an eye on the counter on the front page:
(You can find this on the sidebar if you are on a computer, or towards the bottom on the homepage if you are on a phone).

I hope I can get some help from you guys to figure out who this is…

Anyway, thank you so much everyone.. and happy holidays!